Sunday, July 18, 2010

Psychology and Religion - this time with feeling

Dramatis Personae:
A Puddle
A Boot
A Voice

Lights up on a PUDDLE among other puddles after a rainstorm. These puddles are formed by actors lying on their backs. There is a tranquility in the puddles, each in their own isolated world. This peace lasts for a few moments. A BOOT enters and walks among the puddles, being careful not to step in any of them. This boot is formed by an actor in a pair of boots - the character of the boot refers to one of the boots in the pair. The boot is also serene, though a latent agitation can be observed within it by the most discerning eyes. The boot enjoys a few moments of peace. Then the VOICE.

Puddles are meant to be jumped in.

Obediently, the boot jumps in the puddle - or the actor playing the boot places a single boot on the stomach of actor playing the puddle. The puddle reacts with a splash - or with arms and legs strewn in different directions in an expression of pain. Continued pained movement from the puddle, a struggle to stay balanced on one leg from the boot.

You will not splash.

The puddle tries hard not the react to the boot and the boot tries hard not to put too much pressure on the puddle, but they cannot help pain or physics. They think the voice is disappointed in them. The lights fade.


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  1. this is so great! im so excited that you're doing a blog (and your actually posting everyday)! i hate that i don't email notifications when someone comments, I just saw your comment this morning. hopefully i'll get to see one of your plays for real this weekend!